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Airplane Mode Battery Saver

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This app is designed for ROOTED phones. If your phone is not rooted, it might still be supported. Please read the description below carefully.Android phones consume a significant amount of battery searching for signal in areas with limited reception (ex. remote/rural areas, inside large buildings, etc.). This search process prevents the phone from going to Deep Sleep and drains the phone's battery rather quickly. If you spend a lot of time in places that have limited reception, then Airplane Mode Battery Saver may be able to help you get much more battery life from your cell phone.
This app works by automatically checking for Signal Strength at a certain interval and if there is no Signal, automatically enabling Airplane Mode. Airplane Mode disables the Cell Radio, allowing the phone to go into Deep Sleep and conserving battery. The app then occasionally checks for network signal and disables Airplane Mode if cell towers are detected.
Due to restrictions Google has placed in Android, this app can only be guaranteed to work on ROOTED phones. However we have done our best to support some non-rooted devices as well. See the restrictions below:
For non-rooted phones, this app may work if:
1) You are using Android 4.1 or Lower2) You are using Android 4.2
When you run the app for the first time, it will run a Compatibility Check to make sure it will work on your phone. If this fails, please request a refund from Google Play within the 2 hour Google Play refund window.
In the unlikely event that the Compatibility Check succeeds but you still run into any problems, please email our support team.